R & D

R & D

Piroozan energy development Co started it’s activity by consist of experienced professional group working in a various industries in the country and establishing offices in different countries in order to meet the major industrial , commercial and engineering needs of country since 1389. In this regards obtaining representation from internationally accredited companies and conducting simultaneous engineering and business affairs by PEDCO has created new paths for comprehensive industrially engineering optimization. That is the community of technical and commercial abilities in a set was the most influential factories in reducing Costs for the company

High-tech Engineering Simulation Laboratory (ESIMLAB)

ESIMLab provides an industry-leading combination of expert engineering consulting, straight
advice, real world training, and market-leading FEA and CFD software solutions. Whether working
with leading engineering companies in Iran or a smaller local firm, our engineers apply every facet
of their diverse experience towards maximizing the benefits our clients receive from engineering
analysis and simulation.
We share our advanced knowledge across a wide range of industries, collaborating with clients to
resolve a wide variety of complex structural, thermal, electromagnetics, and fluid design

Consulting Services

Rigid and Flexible Body Dynamics and Kinematics

Stress Analysis
Nonlinear, Contact, Plasticity, Creep, Fracture, Fatigue

Design Optimization
DOE Studies, Robust Design, Automated Multidisciplinary Optimization

Vibration, Shock/Impact, Containment, Random Vibration, Rotor Dynamics

Heat Transfer
Steady State and Transient, Linear and Nonlinear, Coupled Thermal/Structural

Fluid Mechanics
CFD, Multiphase Flow, Rotating Machinery, Mixing, Reaction Kinetics, Heat Transfer

Material Modeling
Composites, Ceramics, Concrete Cracking/Crushing, Polymers, Shape Memory Alloys, Constitutive Model Development

Electromagnetic Analysis
Low-Frequency, High Frequency Applications, Motors, Actuators, Relays, Sensors

Multiphysics Analysis
Coupled Field Problems, Electromechanical, Thermomechanical, Thermal-Fluids, Piezoelectrics, Acoustics, Fluid Structure Interaction

Impact and Drop Test Analyses
Multi-Component, Highly Non-Linear Permanent Plastic Deformation, Penetration and Blast Analysis, Manufacturing and Forming Processes