Faraayand omran piroozan

Faraayand Omran Piroozan

Piroozan company Civil engineering has started its activity in coordination with the general objectives of Piroozan Company and utilizing the accumulation of experience in energy & power plants fields.
The company started its activities with designing and consulting small power plants (less than 50 megawatts) and it has been active in EPC projects after expanding its activities.
Pirouzan Energy Development Company decided to separate his construction projects from issues such as oil and gas, energy and equipment after receiving various projects in different fields of work And Expansion of construction projects accordingly, the Piroozan Civil Development Company was established in the year 1390.
The company is headed by a board of directors of Piroozan Energy development Company carrying out construction projects for the mother’s company.
Description of the company’s specifications are as follow:
-consulting &designing
– Performing reengineering and optimizing the seismic calculation of construction and non-building structures
– Construction engineering in implementation of power and construction projects
– EPC contractor