Panels & Inverters Supplier

Considering that 60 % to 70 % of the currency of solar farms which is required, goes to the panels and the inverters, providing the best quality with the lowest cost in these projects is so much depending on the panels and the inverters supplying.
Considering of all the aforementioned factors, expertise and experience as well as international consultations are broad that the Piroozan Energy Development Company has concluded a good deal with the experience of participating in the international arena for many years.
therefore, The company has been trying to optimize the process by getting the agency representation and sails agency from the reliable companies.

Scope of supply :

– Official and exclusive agency of AIDUO Company for Solar panels (the introduction of Piroozan energy development company as an official representative of Aiduo company link)
– Obtain the sales agency of the JA and Longi companies for the panels.
– Obtain the sales agency from GOODWE and SINENG for the Central and String inverters
– enable to direct negotiation between the manufacturer and the buyer