The exclusive representation of Swedish IFTG Group

One of the largest Scandinavian holding and registered in the Sweden international stock exchange. consists of more than 200 companies over 28 countries with 5500 employees.20 companies of that collection are working as manufacturer and rest of that as supplier. The major activities of this holding is focused on manufacturing valves, Pump and instrumentation. The company has been based in Sweden and has expanded its activities in the oil and gas, petrochemical, marine, steel and mining industries, paper and pulp papers, water and sewage industries, chemical industry, electricity, and central heating and offshore. Competitive prices at a high quality level, compared with other samples, the variety of production, supervision, engineering, and the provision of diverse services to the world’s top level and support of the Piroozan Energy Development Company as the only official executive agent in Iran, has made the IFTG an unparalleled option to meet the needs of industrial complexes. One of the advantages of the IFTG Group is the ability to engineer and deliver a complete package of complex projects that include a variety of instrumentation components, variety of valves, pumps and analyzers required by various European and American brands. This company has completed several projects in Iran.